THE OUTNET - Sergio The Shoe Hunter

The Outnet took a sausage dog armed with a GoPro camera to London Fashion Week in order to sniff out shoe trends. I created a teaser video followed by 5 daily London Fashion Week updates with same-day edits. 

Additional assets included Instagram videos and photographs used for print & online press.

ASOS DAILY DESTINATION | Video Content Look & Feel

ASOS teamed me up with an illustrator to create a suite of assets, templates & show formats for ASOS Daily video content. Most content was shot inexpensively in the head office and then embellished with graphical elements and tongue-in-cheek stock music.

Content was also created quickly based on photos & videos obtained from news agencies.

Number Countdown

Tweet Us Bird

First Times - A series of interview videos asking about people's first experiences, record purchases, celebrity crushes etc.

Model Mastermind - Users tweet in questions to ask ASOS models. Their answers are brought to life with graphics.

Over Sharing - videos lampooning strange tweets made by celebrities.

Youtube Subscribe call-to-action.